Union Colony Schools

It’s back to school time and one of your chamber’s goals is to support education in District 6. With that in mind the chamber was asked specifically by the principal and teachers at Union Colony School for help and it’s our pleasure to try our best to do that.


A little background on the school and its students: it’s located across from the Evans Cemetery on 11th Ave. and the student body is largely made up of neighborhood children. Approximately 70% of the students qualify for free or reduced cost lunches and 30% are English as second language learners. The focus of the school is readying the kids to attend Union Colony Preparatory School and then college. The school is educating future college graduates who might never have had that chance without it.


You can learn more about the curriculum and additional instruction in art, music and P.E. at www.unioncolonyschools.org


Even more than most schools, the faculty could use help from the community. They really need volunteers to assist the teachers in reading and math at all grade levels. They’re very flexible with hours and schedules and are not asking for a huge commitment of time, just whatever people feel comfortable with; even a little is better than nothing and can still make a big difference in student achievement.


Union Colony also has a couple of programs that they hope are of interest to you entrepreneurs out there. Second graders are taught the basics of how the American economic system works and in fifth grade the students learn how a town is run. Business people are welcome to come in for even a short time to help kids by sharing their expertise in these areas.


Can you help? You have an opportunity to make a big difference in these children’s lives in a short time. You don’t need teaching experience, just a willingness to share the education you have.


If you would like to volunteer a little or a lot please contact the chamber ecc@evanschamber.org

or 970-330-4204 and we’ll put you in contact with the teachers. They’d be very gratefu