2019 Bond Campaign Kick Off – 4C

September 16, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
FMS Bank
2425 35th Ave
Greeley, CO 80634
Growing Great Schools P.O. Box 1477 Greeley, Colorado 80632
2019 Bond Campaign Kick Off - 4C @ FMS Bank | Greeley | Colorado | United States

Greeley-Evans School District 6 is currently 5,000 students over capacity and has not constructed a new school in 17 years, but has grown by 7,000 students. The district also needs to plan for future growth, and is expected to grow by at least 1,400 students over the next 10 years. There is a need to enhance safety and security at schools for students and staff, renovate and repair buildings, enhance technical and vocational educational programs, and improve learning spaces for students. Therefore, District 6 is seeking voter approval of a bond issue that will begin to address the facility needs of its schools.
A bond issue can only be used for buildings, equipment, furniture and repairs to buildings. It cannot be used for salaries, benefits, programs or other operational costs. Issuing bonds is the only way school districts can build schools, and make major repairs and renovations.
District 6 has grown by more than 7,000 students in the past 20 years.
District 6 is currently 5,000 students over capacity in existing schools.
In the next 10 years, District 6 is expected to grow by nearly 1,400 students. This is a conservative estimate.
Today, over 2000 District 6 students are being educated in 142 temporary/portable classrooms, some more than 30 years old.
The last major bond issue in District 6 was 17 years ago. No additional school buildings have been added since then, excluding charter schools.
A Facility Needs Study conducted in the 2018-19 school year showed District 6 has nearly $1 billion in facility needs in the next 10 years.