Meet Rolando Marroquin
one of the new owners of
(formerly The “New” Plantation)

Rolando, along with his wife, Belen Diez-Blazquez, recently purchased long-time Evans landmark, The “New” Plantation and plan on being open for business within a few weeks.

Rolando Marroquin in front of his re-painted restaurant. Lights have been placed to illuminate new signage


Marroquin and Diez-Blazquez have owned Tacos Del Norte, a very successful food truck and catering operation in Boulder for five years. They had been looking for the right location to bring the food truck/restaurant concept to this area for some time. They found it at S. 3520 11th Ave. in Evans.

Belen and Rolando with their brand new set of keys to the restaurant


The plan is to have a limited menu within the restaurant but bring in local food trucks on a rotating basis. Guests can order food and drinks inside or bring food from the trucks into the bar, dining room or patio. They are working to expand the liquor license to the food truck area on the north side of the building so drinks can be taken out there weather permitting.

Also in the works are a 260 ft. long fence on the north side of the parking lot to be painted with a mural by Armando Silva, art work by Silva and other local artists inside, open mic nights and lots of music from area bands.

The changes to the patio area and volleyball court will be impressive. Right now rock walls and a fire pit are being built and new landscaping is planned. The volleyball court will run east and west instead of its current north-south configuration. This should keep balls out of the parking lot. All work is being done by local tradesmen and the couple has nothing but compliments about the cooperation they’ve received from the City of Evans staff.

A view of the patio fire pit under construction


Marroquin just completed his Masters degree in Education Policy at CU so he spent a lot of time studying at eating establishments. He has a good understanding of the need for WIFI everywhere.
Walls will have outlets for chargers and customers will be able to take their devices out to the patio for study time coupled with sun and drinks.

The Chamber is happy to have this couple in Evans and is eager to encourage everyone to make them feel welcome. They’ve even signed up to host Chamber members at a Business After Hours next June.